July 28, 2008
Press Release, July 17, 2008 (pdf) Background In our increasingly interdependent world, religion remains a powerful force with the potential to either foster peace or provoke...
May 3, 2007
On May 3-4, 2007 Yale Divinity School will host a public conversation entitled “Faith and Citizenship,” featuring E.J Dionne of the Washington Post and The Brookings...
April 28, 2005
Garry Trudeau, creator of the Doonesbury comic strip, took to the lectern at the recent Yale Divinity School dinner in honor of the public witness and ministry of the Rev....
April 28, 2005
A Politically Engaged Spirituality Comments by William Sloane Coffin, Jr. April 28, 2005 “An Evening with Bill” Yale University Commons Arthur Miller, of blessed memory, once...
September 10, 2004
Notes from the Quad SUMMER 2004 ————— CONTENTS ————— 15 Days to Go for Annual Fund October Reunions Pastors of Excellence $10,000 Challenge ————— THE NEWS ————— WITH 15...



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