December 1, 2012
“Joan, run!” In the summer of 1937 an associate of the German American Bund purchased 178 acres of land in the town of Southbury, CT. The Bund, German for “association,”...
December 1, 2012
Armed with humor and a passion for politics, E.J. Dionne gave the annual Sorensen Lecture at YDS on November 27. Dionne, a twice-weekly op-ed columnist for The Washington...
November 30, 2012
Editor’s Note: James Jenkins ’15 M.Div., Charles Graves ’15 M.Div., and Troy Savage ’13 M.Div. are sustainability coordinators for YDS Sustainability, a cooperative team...
November 30, 2012
Editor’s note: During the March 4-17 YDS travel seminar to the Holy Land, Maryann Knag ’04 M.A.R. spoke with former Dean Harold Attridge about the multiple Bible classes she...
November 30, 2012
The topic of mystical experience might sound too mysterious—too raw and bewildering, too personal—to talk about, but Janet Ruffing knows it’s too real to ignore. For some...



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