Black Religion in the African Diaspora

The concentration in Black Religion in the African Diaspora is an interdisciplinary program based in the YDS curriculum that includes a broad range of courses that illumine the theology, history, philosophy, aesthetics, and practices of black religion. Students are encouraged to take courses pertinent to African American religious studies in other departments of the University (for example, in Anthropology, Religious Studies, History, African Studies, African American Studies, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Music, and History of Art). 

Through the careful study of manuscript, printed, visual, and aural/oral sources, students learn an array of methodologies and approaches to inventively engage black religion and explore current movements and debates on topics such as race, gender, sexuality, popular culture, politics, and media.

At least eighteen credit hours must be taken in courses focusing on black religion, with one course in at least four areas of the curriculum.  In addition, six credit hours of foundational study are required in Bible and twelve in history and theology. Although not required, up to six hours of credit may be given for a major paper or project. 

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