Joint Degree in Religion & Nursing

In a recognition of the relationship between nursing and ministry/spirituality/religion, Yale Divinity School and Yale School of Nursing offers a joint degree program to individuals who seek to combine careers in advanced nursing practice, planning and policy making, and religious ministry in a variety of health care systems.  Two joint degree options are available, the first leading to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR).  This program requires three years of study (four years for students in the Graduate Entry Pre-specialty in Nursing, GEPN).  The second option, a joint degree leading ot the MSN and Master of Divinity (MDIV), requires four years of study (five years for GEPN students) and is designed for those students who wish to prepare for the lay or ordained ministries of the Christian churches.

Students are required to apply simultaneously to both schools and indicate on the application that they are applying to the joint degree program.  This program is not open to YSN students enrolled in or applying to the Nurse Midwifery Specialty.  Admissions decisions are made independently by each school.  The normal pattern requires candidates to spend the first year almost exclusively in one school and the second year almost exclusively in the other.  For the MSN/MAR joint degree, students register in the third year for one semester in each school and complete both programs by the end of that year.  Candidates for the MSN/MDIV joint degree register in the third and fourth years for one semester in each school and complete both programs by the end of the fourth year.  Each student will have an advisor from the School of Nursing and from the Divinity School.  Students are required to submit a program plan to their faculty advisors and associate deans for academic affairs at their respective schools.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at or the School of Nursing’s Admissions Office at (203) 737-5678.