Joint Degree in Religion & Management

The integration of courses in business and religion leading to a joint degree program offered by the Yale School of Management and Yale Divinity School equips students for careers in the non-profit sector as well as in church administration.  Students preparing for ordination and parish ministry are advised to pursue the MDIV/MBA joint degree program while those seeking to use their business acumen in faith-based initiatives and not-for-profit social agencies usually enroll in the MAR/MBA joint degree program.  The agreement between the schools makes it possible for a student to complete two degrees in a year less than would be required if the two programs were taken sequentially.  Students may apply for concurrent admission to both schools or may apply to one school initially and in the first or second year of study apply to the other school.  Admission decisions are made independently by the two schools.

The normal pattern for joint degree candidates in programs totaling three years of study is to spend the entire first year almost exclusively in one school and the entire second year almost exclusively in the other, combining courses from both schools and completing requirements for both degrees during the third year.  Assessment of tuition and other fees is arranged by the administrative officers of the schools concerned.  Each Divinity School student who undertakes joint degree work must secure a faculty advisor in the Divinity School who will supervise such work.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at, or the School of Management’s Director of Admissions Bruce Delmonico at