Joint Master of Social Work Degree

classroom sceneThere is a national need for those with expertise in both divinity and social work to fill positions of service and leadership in churches, social welfare agencies, and the wider society. The joint M.Div./M.S.W. degree program equips skilled professionals to integrate theological, spiritual, pastoral, and social work knowledge and skills in promoting social and environmental justice, healing, and human flourishing in a variety of professional practice settings, both locally and globally.

  • YDS students may apply for a joint M.S.W. degree through the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work. (The YDS joint-degree program requires that students enroll in UConn’s residential program; UConn’s online social work program not eligible.)
  • Candidates for the joint-degree program may be eligible to count up to the equivalent of one term’s credit hours at the other school to satisfy course work in each program.
  • In most cases, the period of study required to complete the two degrees is less (usually by one year) than would be required to complete those degrees if they were pursued independently.
  • Field education/supervised ministry may be coordinated between the two programs.

Students interested in pursuing a joint M.Div./M.S.W. are encouraged to apply to the UConn program at the start of the application period in the fall. For more information on the joint program, please contact the YDS Admissions Office and visit UConn’s School of Social Work website

Yale Divinity School is one of 20 partner institutions in the three-year $35 million CT Health Horizons initiative to address shortages of nurses and social workers in Connecticut. 

For more information and answers to your questions, contact  Vernice “Hopie” Randall, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at Yale Divinity School, or Frederick “Jerry” Streets, Adjunct Associate Professor of Divinity and Social Work,

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News announcement: Jerry Streets appointed to lead social work joint-degree program

Frederick (Jerry) Streets has a distinguished career as a parish minister and faculty member in graduate theological and social work education. A pastoral counselor, licensed clinical social worker, and member of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, Dr. Streets has worked with the clergy, primary care, and mental health professionals delivering pastoral care and clinical social work services in the United States, Bosnia, Italy, and South Africa. He is the former Chaplain of Yale University and Senior Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Practical Theology and the Department of Social Work and Criminology at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Student and Alumni Comments

Meet a current student and two graduates who are completing, or have completed, the joint degree.