Financial Aid FAQ

How do I apply for financial aid?

All prospective and continuing students must complete Yale Divinity School’s financial aid application, which is available on the YDS website by January 1st. U.S. citizens and permanent residents must also complete the FAFSA, which is available by October 1st for the following academic year. International applicants must complete a supplemental YDS form in addition to the primary YDS aid application; this supplemental form is available by January 1st on the YDS website.

What is the financial aid deadline?

The deadline for admissions applicants is March 1; for continuing students it is April 1.

How do I apply for merit scholarships?

There is no separate application for merit scholarships. Merit awards are based on your application for admission and determined by the admissions committee.

How do I find information about student loans?

The University’s financial aid website has a section for graduate and professional students that includes general information on financial aid and loans. The site also provides links to other Yale schools’ financial aid websites and to resources for outside scholarships.

What forms will I need?

U.S. citizens and permanent residents will need to fill out the YDS financial aid application and the FAFSA. International students need to complete the YDS financial aid application and the YDS Financial Aid International Student Supplemental Application. Please see our Applying for Financial Aid web page for additional information. YDS forms for 2022–2023 will be available by January 1st.

Do I need to provide a copy of my federal tax return?

No. When completing the FAFSA it is preferred that you utilize the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to upload your tax information directly into the FAFSA from the IRS website. Data Retrieval is available to you about 2 weeks after you complete an electronic tax return or 8 weeks after you complete a paper return. If you are unable to use the DRT system, you will need to manually input your data into the FAFSA.

What if I am selected for verification on my FAFSA?

If you are selected for verification you may need to complete the “Federal Verification Form” and provide a copy of your tax return transcript from the IRS. If you are selected for verification the Financial Aid Office will be in contact with you regarding the necessary documentation you will need to provide. 

Is the CSS Profile form required?

No. The only forms required are the FAFSA (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents) and YDS’s own institutional forms.

Is on-campus work available?

Yes, you may check the Student Employment website for job listings. There are usually more jobs on campus than students to fill them. Once you find a job you may check with the financial aid office for Federal Work Study eligibility.

Is on-campus housing available?

Yes, the Divinity School has on-campus apartments: junior 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments are available.

How do I apply for housing?

You may visit Yale’s Off Campus Living website to apply for Yale-owned housing as well as to search for private housing options in the New Haven area.

Can mandatory fees be waived?

The Comprehensive and Board fees are mandatory and cannot be waived. They are calculated as part of your total Cost of Attendance. Students who are hired by the University to serve as residential graduate affiliates and who receive a University board plan as part of their compensation are exempt from the YDS board fee. 

Am I required to stay under Yale Health Insurance?

The University expects all students enrolled at least half time to have adequate hospitalization insurance coverage and automatically enrolls students in the Yale Health Insurance Plan. The health fee may be waived only if students are able to provide adequate proof of insurance to the University. For more information on student coverage with Yale Health, visit the Yale Health Student Coverage website

Does Yale offer a payment plan?

Yes. Students may use the Yale Payment Plan to spread out payments for their term bills over several months. More information on the Yale Payment Plan is available on Yale’s Student Accounts website.



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