Tuition and Fees

2021–2022 Tuition and Fees and Living Expenses

The standard single student budget below is used in calculating financial aid, including grants and loans. The budget assumes a modest lifestyle for a single student in New Haven. The room and board figure uses the cost of a junior one bedroom apartment on campus. The estimated cost of attendance for the 9 month academic year contains fixed and discretionary expenses as follows:

Fixed Expenses

Tuition $ 26,472
Comprehensive Fee $      520
Health Fee $   2,650*
Board Fee   $   1,250**
Total   $ 30,892

*The Health fee may be waived if the student can provide proof of insurance. The amount listed is for a single student; rates are available for 2 person and family plans. More information can be found at the Yale Health Plan Website. Visa regulations require international students to retain health insurance.

**The board fee is a mandatory fee for all MAR and MDIV students for use in the Refectory and Yale dining facilities; it is reduced to $625/year for students enrolled half time or less. Further information on where the plan can be used is available on the Yale Hospitality Website.

Discretionary Expenses

Rent / Food     $12,049
Personal      $  6,590
Books $  1,200

The fixed expenses are added to the discretionary expenses to determine the estimated cost of attendance for a single student attending Yale Divinity School.; Please note that eligibility for federal funds is limited to expenses the individual student incurs for his or her educational program. These funds are not intended to supplement the expenses of other family members.

Additional Fees

The Commencement Fee is part of the comprehensive fee.



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