Financial Aid
YDS covers 100% tuition for all students with need
Fundraising success and endowment performance now make it possible to meet the full tuition need of all aided students.

Tuition and Fees

2023–2024 Cost of Attendance

The standard single-student budget below is used in calculating eligibility for financial aid, including grants and loans. The budget assumes a modest lifestyle for a single student in New Haven during the academic year. All costs other than tuition are estimates provided for budgeting; students’ actual costs may differ. Estimated costs for a single semester would be half the amounts listed in the table below.

Estimated Cost of Attendance
Tuition $29,386
Hospitalization Insurance $2,894
Housing and Food $12,768
Books and Supplies $1,200
Transportation $1,090
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses $5,376
Total $52,714


The tuition charge is split between fall and spring semesters, i.e., $14,693 per semester for full-time enrollment. Tuition for the fall semester is billed to the Student Account by July 1 with payment due by July 31. Tuition for the spring semester is billed to the Student Account by November 1 with payment due by November 30. The Student Accounts Office assesses monthly late fees for overdue bills; visit the Student Accounts website for more information. 

Additional information on tuition rates will be available in the 2023–2024 Divinity School Bulletin.

Hospitalization Insurance

The Hospitalization Insurance estimate equals the estimated cost of Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage for a single student; actual 2023–2024 Yale Health plan rates have not yet been announced. Yale Health also offers rates for two-person and family plans. More information is available under “Student Coverage” on the Yale Health website.

All Yale students enrolled at least half time in a degree-seeking program are required to have hospitalization insurance. All such students are automatically enrolled in and billed for Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care coverage. Charges post to the Student Account and are due on the same schedule as tuition; visit the Student Accounts website for more information.

If you have comparable health insurance from another source, you may waive the Yale Health coverage and charges by completing a waiver form on the Yale Health website.

Housing and Food

The housing and food estimate uses the cost of a junior one-bedroom apartment on the YDS campus and a regional average for monthly food costs for one person. Individual students’ costs may be higher or lower depending on their choices for where to live and what to eat.

Students living off campus and those living in Yale-owned housing that accommodates dependents generally have higher estimated housing costs than students living in on-campus single-student housing. The estimates below are provided as a guide; your actual costs may differ.

YDS Estimated Housing Costs, 2023–2024
On campus (single student) $8,100
On campus (student with dependents) $16,470
Off campus $9,450

Students may request an increase in their individual Cost of Attendance budget for actual documented housing costs. Such an increase provides additional eligibility for federal student loans and Federal Work-Study. Please contact the YDS Financial Aid Office if you would like to increase your Cost of Attendance budget based on your housing or if you have questions about the cost estimates.

Books and Supplies

The estimate for books and supplies includes books, course materials, supplies, and equipment needed for completion of a student’s courses. It is based on enrollment in four courses per semester. Actual costs for books and supplies vary by course and by where you choose to purchase. Course listings in Yale Course Search provide information about the books and other materials used in each course.


The estimate for transportation includes local travel and occasional regional travel outside the Greater New Haven area.

Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses

Personal and miscellaneous expenses include items such as personal care products, cell phone service, apparel, household supplies, and entertainment.

Childcare Expenses

Students may request an increase in their individual Cost of Attendance budget for certain documented childcare expenses. Such an increase provides additional eligibility for federal student loans and Federal Work-Study. Please contact the YDS Financial Aid Office to find out about increasing your Cost of Attendance budget based on childcare expenses.

Other Financial Considerations

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

The official Cost of Attendance used for federal aid purposes covers expenses for a single student only. Students with a spouse and/or dependent(s) should budget for family expenses not included in the Cost of Attendance.

Please note that eligibility for U.S. federal aid, including loans, is generally limited to the estimate for an individual student’s educational program and living costs. Federal aid funds are not intended to cover the living expenses of other family members. A student’s eligibility for federal aid cannot be increased based on family expenses, with the exception of childcare and housing for dependents living with the student.

International Students

U.S. Taxes

International students should be aware that scholarships from Yale Divinity School may have U.S. tax implications as determined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States. For more information, please see our webpage International Students and U.S. Taxes.

Documentation of Financial Resources

International students must provide documentation of financial resources to meet their financial needs during their stay in the United States. This evidence is required for Yale to process documents needed for student visa applications.

  • Students coming to the U.S. alone must provide documentation showing financial resources at least equal to the YDS Estimated Cost of Attendance minus their Yale Divinity School scholarship award.
  • Students bringing a spouse and/or dependents with them to the U.S. are required to provide evidence of funds to cover their own costs as well as the estimated cost of their family members’ living expenses while in the United States. Documentation must show financial resources at least equal to the YDS Estimated Cost of Attendance minus the Yale Divinity School scholarship award, plus the appropriate amount(s) from the table below.
    The estimated costs for family members in the table below do not include the cost of family medical insurance. However, please be aware that family members accompanying a student to the U.S. are required to have health insurance coverage. Students should plan for that cost in addition to the finances documented for visa purposes.
Additional Financial Resources to
Be Documented for Family Members
Family Member(s) Financial Resources
Spouse only  $5,334
1 dependent/child only  $7,212
Spouse + 1 dependent/child $10,664
Each additional dependent/child  $5,742


Office of Financial Aid

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