Class Secretaries

Our Class Secretaries have arrived in this position in many and varied ways, but they are the first points of contact between the Alumni Office and the Class. The Class Secretary helps keep the class in touch with each other and with Yale Divinity School through the Class Notes.

Class of 1952
Richard C. Stazesky ‘52 B.D. ‘53 S.T.M.
Hockessin, DE

Class of 1956
Ted Halsted ‘56 M.Div.
Richmond, IN

Class of 1957
John Moore Bullard ’57 M.Div.
Spartanburg, SC

Class of 1958
Paul E. Schrading ‘58 B.D.
Pittsburgh, PA

Class of 1959
J. Kenneth Kuntz ‘59 B.D.
Iowa City, IA

Class of 1961
Fred R. Brooks, Jr. ’61 M.Div.
Vestal, NY

Class of 1962
Ronald P. Byars ‘62 B.D.
Richmond, VA

Class of 1963
Robert F.R. Peters ‘63 M.Div.
Alexandria, VA

Class of 1964
Jean Wood ’64 M.A.R.
Arlington Heights, IL

J. Barrie Shepherd  ’64 B.D., ’65 M.A.
Scarborough, ME

Class of 1965
Bruce W. Barth ‘65 B.D.
Firth, NE

Class of 1967
D. Elaine Tiller ‘67 B.D.
Silver Spring, MD

Class of 1973
Kenneth W. Clapp ‘73 M.Div.
Salisbury, NC

Class of 1974
Joseph M. Freeman‘74 M.Div.
Fishers, IN

Class of 1975
Richard O. Johnson ‘75 M.Div.
Grass Valley, CA

Class of 1976
Paige L. Smith ’76 M.Div.
Birmingham, AL

Class of 1977
Susan Klein ‘77 M.Div.
Los Angeles, CA

Class of 1978
Vaughan D. McTernan ‘78 M.Div.
Colorado Springs, CO

Class of 1979
Barbara Lundblad ‘79 M.Div.
New York, NY

Class of 1980
Jerry W. Henry ‘80 M.Div.
Atlanta, GA

Class of 1981
Mary-Jo Romberger Cliff ‘81 M.Div.
Honesdale, PA

Class of 1982
Paul Stroble ‘82 M.Div.
Akron, OH

Class of 1985
Eugene C. McAfee ‘85 M.Div.
South Euclid, OH

Class of 1986
M. Lise Hildebrandt ’86 M.Div.
Boylston, MA

Class of 1987
Thomas G. Speers III ‘87 M.Div.
Simsbury, CT

Class of 1988
Marguerite Bowes ‘88 M.A.R.
Madison, CT

Class of 1990
Margaret B. Hatch ‘90 M.Div.
Billings, MT

Class of 1991
David M. Bryce ‘91 M.Div.
Weston, CT

Class of 1992
Frederick A. Wiese ‘92 M.Div.
Dayton, OH

Class of 1993
Stephanie K. Wethered ‘93 M.Div.
Essex Fells, NJ

Class of 1994
Amy G. Heller ‘94 M.Div.
Dallas, TX

Class of 1995
Anisa Cottrell Willis ‘95 M.Div.
Ft. Mitchell, KY

Class of 1996
Carla D. Januska ‘96 M.Div.
Minneapolis, MN

Class of 1997
James Douglas Ebert ‘97 M.Div.
West Hartford, CT

Class of 1998
Paula Jenkins ‘98 M.A.R.
Pleasanton, CA

Class of 2000
Terese Elaine Cain ‘00 M.Div.
Guilford, CT

Class of 2001
Samuel Charles Blair ‘01 M.Div.
Gibsonia, PA

Class of 2002
Kate Heichler ’02 M.Div., ’05 S.T.M.
Stamford, CT

Class of 2003
Jennifer Sue Dunfee ‘03 M.Div.
Clifton, VA

Class of 2005
Leslie Woods ‘05 M.A.R.
Arlington, VA

Class of 2006
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ‘06 M.Div.
Chapel Hill, NC

Class of 2007
Andrew Nurkin ‘07 M.Div.
Cranford, NJ

Class of 2008
Elizabeth Bruno ’08 M.A.R.
New Haven, CT

Class of 2009
Kimberly McBrien ’09 M.Div.
New Haven, CT

Class of 2010
Jason Peno ‘10 M.Div.
Louisville, KY

Class of 2011
Angela Shelley ’11 S.T.M.
North Haven, CT

Class of 2012
Jared Gilbert ‘12 M.Div.
Brooklyn, NY

Class of 2015
Stephen P. Hagerty ‘15 M.Div.
Ellicott City, MD


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