Class Agents

Class agents serve as leaders within the Yale Divinity School alumni body. They support the school through their commitment to the health of the YDS Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the vehicle through which alumni, friends, and churches can annually donate funds for student scholarships. Class agents have three main duties each year: to make a gift to the Annual Fund, to ask classmates to join them in giving, and to thank classmates who have made gifts.

Class of 1947
Constance Cronon Thurber ‘47 M.Div.
Class of 1952
Roger S. Nicholson ’ 52 M.Div.
Class of 1955
Stuart C. Haskins, Jr. ‘55 B.D.
Class of 1956
Ted Halsted ’56 M.Div.
Class of 1958
James K. Donnell ‘58 B.D.
Class of 1961
John F. Piper, Jr. ‘61 B.D.
Class of 1963
Hugh N. Blair ‘63 B.D.
Robert F.R. Peters ‘63 M.Div.
David A. Purdy ‘63 B.D.
Scott W. Wood ‘63 M.Div.
Class of 1966
Robert K. Loesch ‘66 B.D.
Class of 1967
Donald J. West ‘67 B.D.
Class of 1968
Noel J. O. Amadi ‘68 B.D.
Jane C. Watkins ‘68 M.A.R.
Class of 1970
Cathie M. Cipolla ‘70 B.D.
Class of 1974
H. Timothy Halverson ‘74 M.Div.
Class of 1975
J. David Stinson ‘75 M.Div.
Class of 1976
Lee C. Hardgrove ‘76 M.Div.
Class of 1977
Class of 1979
Ronald L. Hooker ‘79 M.Div.
Class of 1980
Jerry W. Henry ‘80 M.Div.
Class of 1981
Richard E. Spalding ‘76 B.A., ‘81 M.Div.
Class of 1985
Eugene C. McAfee ‘85 M.Div.
Jeffrey C. Oak, Ph.D. ‘85 M.Div. ‘86 S.T.M.,’93 M.A., ‘95 M.Phil.
Class of 1987
Thomas G. Speers III ‘87 M.Div.
Class of 1988
Tambria Elizabeth Lee ‘88 M.Div.
Class of 1989
G. Scott Morrow ‘89 M.Div.
Class of 1990
Kristin Neily Barberia ‘90 M.Div.
Joseph Francis Cistone ‘90 M.A.R.
Brigid Farrell Dunn ‘90 M.Div.
Class of 1992
Fredrick A. Wiese ‘92 M.Div.
Class of 1993
Kristin B. Godlin ‘93 M.Div., ‘98 S.T.M.
Class of 1994
Patrick J. Kucera ‘94 M.Div., ‘95 S.T.M.
Class of 2000
Charles-Ryan D. Duncan ‘00 M.A.R.
Demetrius Solon Semien ‘00 M.Div.
Class of 2001
Matthew Thomas Curry ‘01 M.Div.
Class of 2003
Cheree’ Chablis Johnson ‘03 M.Div.
Class of 2004
Jeffrey D. Braun ‘04 M.Div.
Elizabeth S. Harris ‘04 M.A.R.
Justin Matthew List ‘04 M.A.R.
Marissa Ann Smith ‘04 M.A.R.
Carol Janson Bond ‘04 M.A.R.
Class of 2005
Benjamin David Hopkins ‘05 M.A.R.
Cecelia Leebeth Jones ‘05 M.Div.
Aaron Victo Skrypski ‘05 M.Div.
Leslie Gesiene Woods ‘05 M.A.R.
Class of 2006
Martha S. Korienek ‘06 M.Div.
Will Henry Mebane, Jr. ‘06 M.Div.
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ‘06 M.Div.
Jennie Elizabeth Ott ‘06 M.Div.
Chan Sok Park ‘06 M.Div., ‘07 S.T.M.
Kaji Spellman Dousa ‘06 M.Div.
Jared Robert Stahler ‘06 M.Div.
Andrew R. H. Thompson ‘06 M.A.R., ‘11 M.A., M.Phil.
Class of 2007
Jessica Lynn Anschutz ‘07 M.Div.
Angela Batie Carlin ‘07 M.Div.
Paul Kang-Kul Cho ‘02 B.A., ‘07 M.Div.
Elijah Heyward III ‘07 M.A.R.
Micah Jonathan Luce ‘07 M.A.R.
Class of 2008
Spencer Tyler Clayton ‘05 B.A., M.Div.
Myra C. McNeill ‘08 M.Div.
Dawn M. Stegelmann ‘08 M.Div.
Kathleen S. Turner ‘08 M.Div., ‘09 S.T.M.
Patrick C. Ward ‘08 M.Div.
Class of 2009
Michael Francis Cagney ‘09 M.A.R.
Eun Joo Park ‘09 M.Div.
Ruth Laney Vaughan ‘09 M.A.R.
Elizabeth Suzanne Wille ‘09 M.Div.
Tim Weisman ‘07 Mus.M., ‘09 M.Div.
Class of 2010
Amalie A. Ash ‘10 M.Div.
John Houston Boyles ‘10 M.Div.
Joshua Clark ‘10 M.A.R.
Brent Damrow ‘10 M.Div.
Ryan C. Fleenor ‘10 M.Div.
Rebecca Peace Lenn ‘10 M.A.R.
Agnes Kwoba Olusese ‘10 M.Div.
Chad William Tanaka Park ‘10 M.Div.
Sarah Smith Warren ‘10 M.Div.
Class of 2011
Terry James Archambeault, Jr. ‘11 M.Div., ‘12 S.T.M.
Matthew Allen Laferty ‘11 M.Div.
Sean P.C. McAvoy ‘11 M.A.R.
Hannah Rose Peck ‘11 M.Div.
Shannon Marie Santangelo ‘11 M.A.R.
Class of 2012
Katherine R. (Stratton) Andre ‘12 M.Div., ‘13 S.T.M.
Krysta Leigh Baglien ‘12 M.Div.
Alexander Peterson ‘12 M.Div.
Joshua A. Rodriguez ‘12 M.Div.
Class of 2013
Leonard Curry ‘13 M.Div.
Reuben D’Silva ‘13 M.A.R.
Craig Ford, Jr. ‘13 M.A.R.
Charles A. Gillespie ‘13 M.A.R.
Kathryn Killman ‘13 M.Div.
Nicholas A. Lewis ‘13 M.Div.
Tyrone E. McGowan ‘13 M.Div.
Janelle Schmouder ‘13 M.A.R.
Elaine E. Thomas ‘13 M.Div.
Shatavia Wynn ‘13 M.A.R.
Class of 2014
Claire B. Dietrich Ranna ‘14 M.Div.
Corinne M. Ellis ‘14 M.Div.
Timothy A. Kennedy ‘14 M.Div.
Randall Spaulding ‘14 M.Div.
Christopher J. Washnock ‘14 M.A.R.
Class of 2015
John ”Win” Bassett, IV ‘15 M.A.R.
Meredith J. Day ‘15 M.A.R.
Randy R. Goldson ‘15 M.A.R.
Stephen P. Hagerty ‘15 M.Div.
Daniel L. Ledford ‘15 M.A.R.
Andrew Y. Moore ‘15 M.Div.
Miriam Samuelson-Roberts ‘15 M.Div.
Peter G.C. Schattauer ‘15 M.Div.
William S. Stanley ‘15 M.Div.
Class of 2016
Nathan Anderson M.Div.
Patrick Angiolillo M.A.R.
Jocelyn Burney M.A.R.
Jaimie Crumley S.T.M., M.Div. ‘15
Natasha Huang M.A.R.
Allison Huggins M.Div.
Brian Kelly M.Div., ‘74 B.A.
Robert Pennoyer M.Div.
Adam Perez M.A.R
Nicole Perone M.Div.
Jaqueline Spycher M.Div.
Margaret Mary Stapleton Smith M.A.R.
Joshua Travis M.A.R.
Joshua Wehe M.A.R.
Jeremy Williams M.Div.
Class of 2017
James Cramer M.Div.
Jon Heinly M.Div.
Johnie Jones M.Div
Jason Land M.Div.
Robbie Laughton M.Div.
Katrina Manzi M.Div.
Kevin McKoy M.Div.
Andy McQuery M.Div.
Justin Mikulencak M.Div.
Alex Nicolai M.A.R.
Jenny Peek M.Div.
Pauline Samuel M.Div.
Pam Stevens M.Div.
Tyler Ung M.Div.



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