YDS Student Government Constitution

Article I.

The official name of the organization shall be “Yale Divinity Student Government” (“Student Government” or “YDSG”).

Article II.

The purpose of Student Government shall be the following:

  1. To act as the legislative assembly of the student body of Yale Divinity School (the “Divinity School” or “YDS”).
  2. To serve as the primary representative of the student body before the faculty and administration of the Divinity School.
  3. To act on behalf of the students and their interests on issues of YDS policy and community concern.
  4. To advocate for the interests of the Divinity School students within the broader Yale University community.

Article III.

  1. The membership of Student Government shall consist of the Executive Council, GPSS senators, two representatives from each year of each of the school’s academic programs (MAR, MDiv, STM), and two representatives from each of the school’s affiliated programs (Berkeley, Andover Newton, ISM) These are the “Members” of Student Government.
  2. The Officers, along with the Community Life Coordinator(s), shall form the Executive Council of Student Government.
  3. All Members shall be elected by the YDS student body.
  4. Members of YDSG must be enrolled in a degree program and in good academic standing at the Divinity School during their time of service on Student Government.
  5. All Members shall be required to serve on at least one committee.
  6. Student Government shall enjoy broad authority to address issues pertaining to its membership by any means it deems appropriate and advisable, so long as its actions do not contravene the provisions set forth in this Constitution.

Article IV.

  1. The Officers of Student Government shall be as follows:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  2. The President, Vice President and Secretary of Student Government shall be elected by the entire student body in the spring semester of each academic year. The Treasurer shall be elected in the fall semester. Officer positions not filled in the spring will be open during fall elections. Any Officer position not filled in both the spring and fall elections will be filled by the administration following fall elections.

Article V.

  1. Student Government has the power to establish Standing Committees and such other committees or working groups as it deems necessary to carry out its responsibilities.

Article VI. Meetings

  1. All legislative powers of YDSG are vested in meetings of the YDSG where a quorum is present.
  2. A quorum shall consist of fifty percent of the Members of Student Government.
  3. Each Member shall have one vote. Voting is restricted to Members. There will be no voting by proxy.
  4. Student Government shall meet at least once in each calendar month of the fall and spring semesters. Exceptions may be made by the Officers and Office of Student Affairs.
  5. The President may call meetings in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings of Student Government if the President considers such meetings necessary to conduct YDSG business.
  6. All YDS students are welcome to attend any meeting of Student Government. Invited guests (non-YDS students) must be approved by the Officers.

Article VII.

  1. The Constitution of the Student Government shall be declared ratified and in force upon approval by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the student body in attendance at an advertised meeting, provided that the constitution has been circulated to the student body at least two weeks prior to the vote.
  1. A Constitution Review Committee shall be formed every four years and shall consist of Members of Student Government and Faculty approved by a quorum of YDSG members. This committee shall suggest amendments to the Constitution as necessary. It is also responsible for ensuring recommendations to the constitution are in agreement with the bylaws.
  2. This Constitution can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the student body of the Divinity School at an advertised meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has been circulated to the student body at least two weeks prior to the vote.

Last Amended: January 2019


Office of Student Affairs