August 29, 2019
John Collins, Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism & Interpretation at Yale Divinity School, has been awarded the prestigious Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies...
August 23, 2019
Yale Divinity School is beginning its 198th year this week, kicking off a fall semester marked by new programs, new faculty and staff, new facilities improvements, and, of...
August 8, 2019
Lynn Sullivan, a diversity and inclusion educator and leader who has worked for 20 years as a senior administrator at independent schools, is joining the YDS Office of...
August 7, 2019
A selection of paintings and drawings by artist Charlotte Lichtblau will be on display from late August through November in Yale Divinity School’s Sarah Smith Gallery. The...
August 5, 2019
By Greg Sterling, Dean of Yale Divinity School I had just conducted the funeral of a woman who had been a close friend of my wife, Adrian, since the two met on the first day...



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