Transformational Leadership

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson

The Transformational Leadership program at Yale Divinity School offers intensive, two-day weekend courses taught by leaders in church and society, recognizing that such close interaction with notable leaders serves to inspire the vocational vision and build a more expansive understanding of what is possible for the theologically trained leader of the future.

The one-credit courses are limited to matriculated students at YDS and other Yale graduate and professional schools. Friday evening public conversations are open to the public and are broadcast on the YDS Livestream channel, so that a broader audience can experience the witness and the model of our guests. 

Students may register for these individual courses just as they register for any other class. No more than two may be taken for credit within a semester, and no more than three may be applied to a degree program. Questions may be addressed to Associate Dean Bill Goettler at

See videos of many of our guest speakers at the Yale Divinity School YouTube channel. 


Fall 2022

Friday and Saturday, September 9 and 10, 2022Rev. Dr. Danielle BuhuroRev. Jen Bailey - Trustee

Chaplaincy as Transformational Leadership

Rev. Jen Bailey, Founder and Executive Director, Faith Matters Network; Rev. Dr. Danielle Buhuro, Director of Movement Chaplaincy, Faith Matters Network

Sharon DamelioFriday and Saturday, November 4 and 5, 2022

Fundraising in a Broken World - Exploring the Theory and Practice of Nonprofit Fundraising

Sharon Damelio ‘12 M.Div. is the Senior Director of Development at WhyHunger, a New York City based nonprofit seeking grassroots solutions against hunger and poverty. 

This weekend course will explore the historical role of philanthropy in our economy and justice work, and grapple with tensions between wealth, power and tranformative social change. The course will examine fundraising through spiritual, theological and healing frameworks, as we learn the core principles and practices of just fundraising and the major pitfalls to avoid. 

William Goettler

Associate Dean for Ministerial and Social Leadership, Lecturer in Parish Leadership and Church Administration
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