Reimagining Church

Reimagining Church is a new initiative at Yale Divinity School, inviting churches to consider their present ministry, the needs for vital churches in a post-pandemic world, and the options that are before them for envisioning new directions in ministry. Each year, ten churches from across Connecticut will work with YDS students, Yale faculty, and visionary leaders. The first cohort began their work together in September of 2021. This initial year’s effort will then be followed by three additional year-long cohorts.
Participating churches have created working groups of five members, plus the pastor, to imagine together the post-pandemic future of the congregation, and then to take some action steps to live into that new future. Congregations are partnered with a Yale Divinity School student in their final year of study who walks alongside the working group, facilitating meetings and getting to know the congregation. 
The church’s visionary leaders consider the congregation’s faith-filled history, and where God is leading them in justice seeking, society transforming efforts in the future. Part of the project also asks each congregation (with the YDS student’s help) to share this process of reflection and visioning with the wider world, through a web site that is shared by all ten congregations. Other communities of faith from near and from far can learn from the efforts of these congregations and be inspired by their witness.
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