YDS Job Board

The YDS Job Board is provided for current YDS students and recent graduates.

To have a job posted: email a job description, responsibilities, and qualifications to ydsjobs@yale.edu

Jobs below are listed in three categories:

  1. Full or part time professional jobs, generally requiring a graduate degree from a divinity school. These will include positions for ordained or non-ordained ministry, positions in education, administration, research or teaching, non-profit leadership positions, jobs in the arts, and opportunities in writing, editing and publishing.
  2. Part-time academic year jobs, intended for those who are students at YDS.
  3. Summer jobs and opportunities, that will likely offer meaningful experience for graduate students at YDS.

Please understand that this job board is by no means representative of the many thousands of job openings that are always available; these are postings that employers chose to send to YDS, and that we share. Note that these job postings are not vetted, and we offer no opinions about their legitimacy. Do be in touch with us if you find a posting inappropriate, or if you have concerns about it.

William Goettler

William Goettler

Associate Dean for Ministerial and Professional Leadership, Lecturer in Parish Leadership and Church Administration
(203) 432-9896

Jennifer Davis

Director of Supervised Ministries, Divinity School

Alison Cunningham

Director of Professional Formation, Title IX Coordinator
(203) 432-5330


Office of Vocation and Leadership