Internship Program

Within the Divinity School curriculum, the internship experience is uniquely situated at the intersection of academic study and the practices of justice work, preparing degree candidates for leadership in the world by engaging them in student-centered experiential learning and theological reflection on the nature, practice and context of work and service. Many students focus their purpose and goals for the M.Div. degree within the Church, while others are drawn to social justice and non-profit work. M.A.R. students who participate in the internship program appreciate the added value of a contextual component to their coursework and the structure of programs offered through the Office of Vocation and Leadership.

“Serving in a Church was the “real deal”:  preaching, leading Bible study, networking, building my resume, learning new skills. The parishioners gave me constructive feedback on new ideas. My mentor was and is still an invaluable resource.”
Dawn Jefferson M.Div. ‘21

“During my supervised ministry, I was able to partner with Stillmeadow Community Fellowship to care for its 10 acre forest and train around 20 young people in different forest and trail management techniques. It was a unique opportunity to put together my interests in faith and the environment and a wonderful way to both receive and share in God’s love for the world.” 
Gabe LePage M.Div. ‘22
“My time at St. Lydia’s Dinner Church in Brooklyn was unique and surprising. My supervisor, Rev. Christian Scharen (pastor at St. Lydia’s), helped to guide me through personal growth, participation in the church community, ethnography, and community involvement. Learning about and contributing to an experimental church with an interfaith congregation allowed me to see new modes of faith practice that helped to open me to my changing vocation.”
Christine Geeding M.Div ‘23
“The internship program at YDS gave me an unforgettable summer experience. Through the resources and support of the school, I was able to connect with Squash Haven, a local educational non-profit that empowers New Haven students to achieve both academic and athletic success so that they might enter higher education, all with the purpose of cultivating engaged citizens. I am grateful to the summer internship program for making the squash coaching, the classroom teaching, and the fun moments with the amazing students at Squash Haven possible. Through this program, I’ve discovered a love for teaching and for educational justice that I know will considerably shape my future vocation after YDS!” 
Seth Greer M.A.R. ‘22
“My summer supervised ministry took place at a bi-vocational site in which I had the opportunity to intern at both Harmony Community Church (HCC) and the Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC). This unique internship was transformative as I was not only involved in the world of ministry in the context of the brick and mortar church, but also working in the healthcare sector in the context of a faith-based health center. I was able to experience first-hand how faith can practically impact and meet the needs of individuals in historically neglected communities, and I am forever grateful.”
Nia Campinha-Bacote M.Div. ‘21