Class Notes

Alumni Name Class Year Note Posted
Anne Stanback 1985

I’ve learned that in many ways, retirement looks very much like non-retirement. It still includes creating Doodle polls, attending meetings, and still not getting my closets fully Kondo-ized. In...

April 12, 2019
Gregory Bancroft 1978

My wife, Sally, and I moved to Nashville, TN in 2015 where we now live in a 3-gen family with our daughter, Betsy, and her husband, our two grandchildren, three cats, and a German Shepherd the...

April 12, 2019
Larry Buxton 1978

This June will mark my 3rd year of 'refirement' (or 'retunement'). After 41 years under appointment in the VA United Methodist Conference, we bought a townhouse in Ashburn,...

April 12, 2019
Geoffrey Gneuhs 1978

Geoffrey Gneuhs is a figurative and representational artist and will be exhibiting in June 2019 at the Bowery Gallery in New York City, where he lives.

He also continues serving at...

April 12, 2019
Richard Steele 1978

Although I am now formally retired from itinerant ministry in the United Methodist Church, I continue to be employed full time as Professor of Moral and Historical Theology at Seattle Pacific...

April 11, 2019
Greg Turner 1970

I think my primary achievement in seminary was finding and marrying Kathy Lantis. We were among the few clergy couples at that time (1966) who were aiming at ordained ministry before we met....

April 11, 2019
Susan Walker Graybill 1967

Since greeting classmates at our 50th Reunion in 2017, David and I have continued to enjoy retirement in Wilton, CT, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary last summer. Contact information...

April 11, 2019
Ron Byars 1962

Jim Halfaker (his wife is Louisa “Sandy”, YDS 1961) writes, “We live 4 days a week in our Seattle home, and 3 days at our small farm on Whidbey Island. Maintaining both places, mowing, cutting...

April 11, 2019
Steve Petrica 1985

I was fortunate to make a month-long pilgrimage to Israel this past winter and visit many of the sites at the heart of our faith -- the temple mount, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Qumran, and...

April 10, 2019
Jan Hamill 1980

Retired? No, only pensioned. after 30 years of parish and school ministry, now working with Episcopal Service Corps in Baltimore CIty (https://www.escmaryland...

April 10, 2019
Don Motaka 1978

The judge explained that if I pleaded out, I could choose to go to a monastery. Otherwise, it would 3-5 at the Federal Minimum Facility at Allenwood. I had to think about it because Allenwood is...

April 10, 2019
Peter Holmer 1976

Last October, I received this sad news from Richard Holmer ’79:

I share with you the sad news that my brother, Peter Holmer, YDS ’76, died on May 7.      Peter...

April 10, 2019
John Lombard 1976

John Lombard reports that after 40+some years serving three UCC churches in New England, he has retired to Stow, MA. At present he is a part-time Annuitant Visitor for the UCC Pension Boards,...

April 10, 2019
Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger 1976

Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger is now the Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology Emerita at Princeton Theological Seminary, having retired in January, 2019, after nearly 25...

April 10, 2019
Barbara Miodonski 1975

Barbara Miodonski (Oldmeadow) YDS ‘75

At the end of 2017 I retired from my most recent role at Wesley College, a residential college at Sydney University and from active ministry.


April 10, 2019
John Oldmeadow 1975

John Oldmeadow YDS ‘75

Marrying Barbara Miodonski (the best thing I ever did) after we graduated from YDS we travelled to Melbourne, Australia and I went back to teaching for 5 years before...

April 10, 2019
Bill Barnes 1962

Bill Barnes writes, “I’ve been in the all-volunteer Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra for some 30 years now. We play...

April 10, 2019
Bill Goddard 1962

I am in my fifth year living at Atherton Retirement Village in Alhambra, California. Since living here I have written a book ‘Through My Eyes’” which has sold nineteen (19) copies. I have joined a...

April 10, 2019
Carl Harris 1962

Carl Harris died on May 14, 2018, in Santa Barbara, California. The link below will take you to his obituary:       ...

April 10, 2019
David Koehler 1962

“I sort of miss our class reunions. That is where I learned about new books written by my thoughtful classmates. I have read the somber Through Veterans’ Eyes, a book about PTSD by...

April 10, 2019