October 25, 2012
Yale University President Richard C. Levin installed Gregory E. Sterling as the fourteenth dean of Yale Divinity School on Oct. 23 during ceremonies in a packed Marquand...
October 1, 2012
Abraham Malherbe, the Buckingham Professor Emeritus of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale Divinity School, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday, Sept. 28...
October 1, 2012
Near the end of last Thursday’s event with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, one of the one thousand viewers of the event online commented, “Yvon for President.” That level...
October 1, 2012
I am a Sunni Muslim from Egypt. For many years I have tried to promote peace by reaching out to my Shi’a and Sunni brothers and sisters in my native Egypt, Palestine, Syria...
October 1, 2012
“Kempton Baldridge doesn’t dress like most pastors. He doesn’t wear a formal robe or even a suit and tie. Instead, his attire includes steel-toed boots, a baseball cap and...



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