New Testament

The concentration in New Testament trains students in the reading of early Christian texts and the surrounding literature, in the diverse methodologies used to read those texts, and in their ongoing significance. The program trains students in the reading of Greek texts and in one other relevant ancient language (normally Hebrew, but other languages may be substituted). Students are encouraged to explore widely and to take some courses in related departments at Yale that are relevant to their interests. The requirements include fifteen hours of Greek and Greek-based courses (including courses offered by the Classics department), six hours in another relevant language, six hours in relevant thematic or critical theory courses, and the foundational sequences in New Testament and Hebrew Bible interpretation (REL 503, REL 504, REL 505, and REL 506) or their equivalents. If students have substantial experience in diversely oriented foundational New Testament and Hebrew Bible interpretation courses, they may, in consultation with the program faculty, waive this requirement. All courses are selected in consultation with an adviser. The purpose of the program is to provide solid grounding in New Testament scholarship broadly understood.

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