Resources for job seekers

YDS offers resources to help students become more adept and ultimately more successful at finding employment or opportunities for further graduate studies after graduation. Please review the information and links below.

Workshops & Videos

  • Networking Skills: The first and best tool for job seekers is the creation of a network of friends, colleagues and acquaintances who will know about your aspirations, and be advocates for your vocational future. This networking skills video suggests how one might begin to create that network, using Yale resources, your YDS e-portfolio, and other tools that will aid you in making useful connections.
  • Interviewing Skills: We all know how to talk with friends and those who are close to us. But job interviews require an intentional set of skills aimed at telling your story, offering a sense of your energy and hopes for your work, and connecting with those doing the interviewing. This interviewing skills video offers some of those tools, which you will then practice with trustworthy friends, before going out for that interview that matters.
  • Personal Finance: A healthy vocational and professional life requires a healthy approach to one’s personal financial well-being. We need not be wealthy to have a clear understanding of our financial lives, and a plan for moving forward. But we do need to have a pretty good understanding of our expenses, our income, and what to do with any gaps between those two. This video suggests how to build a financial plan that will reflect the resources that you have available, and to both meet your needs and remain financially solvent.
  • Resume Building: Offered live twice each term, with an optional one-on-one resume review meeting, our resume workshops are offered by Career Consultant Kathleen Volz, formerly the Director of Career Counseling at NYU Stern School of Business and Career Advisor to the Arts with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy.
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Jobs Board

The YDS Jobs Board provides job listings both in parish settings and non-profit sites that students may be interested in pursuing.  

Yale Cross Campus alumni/ae network

With a few clicks to set up a personal page, students can join Cross Campus, Yale’s online community-building mentoring/professional networking platform. Launched in April 2020, with over 500 YDS-affiliated people and 15,000 university members by the start of 2021, Cross Campus is a great tool for students and young alums to receive professional guidance and career advice from generations of Yale alumni. The platform’s powerful “Find other Yalies” search tool will connect you to alumni by career interest, geographic location, life skills, or current employer, reaching out to them via message or meeting request for dialogue and connection.

Ph.D. studies

The Doctoral Studies Liaisons program fosters community between YDS students interested in pursuing academic research and current Ph.D. students in Yale University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Liaisons are current Yale doctoral students, commonly YDS graduates, who act as peer mentors, providing advice and counsel to current Yale Divinity School students on the path to and through doctoral studies. Doctoral Studies Liaisons also organize and host faculty/doctoral student panels/workshops on various topics related to doctoral studies, from selecting programs to crafting a personal statement, choosing a writing sample, interviewing with programs, and the like.  Please note that students contemplating doctoral studies are also strongly encouraged to consult with faculty members in the intended doctoral discipline. Look for announcements of upcoming panels and workshops and connect with current doctoral students offering advice and insight to the Ph.D. experience.