Additional Information

Internship Hub

The Office of Vocation and Leadership has partnered with Salesforce to create an online platform that will help students better navigate the internship process. Admitted students will be invited to register on the Internship Hub with their NetID once they arrive on campus in the fall semester. The Hub generates a check-list of items a student needs to accomplish in order to secure an internship for the following summer or academic year. The process is straightforward and easy to navigate. During the internship, students will also use the Hub to complete their learning covenants, record their hours, and write their final evaluations with their site supervisor. Approved supervisors will also use the Hub to complete their supervisor agreement, access their interns learning covenant, and write the final internship evaluation. 
Any difficulties in accessing the Internship Hub can be addressed by contacting either Alison Cunningham or Jenny Davis.


YDS offers a stipend to its student interns up to $5000 for the year which is paid in semi-monthly installments during the semester. Students who do CPE also receive a stipend of $5000 in the form of work-study funds. (Note, because the CPE funds come from work-study, taxes are taken out.) Thus, with the addition of a second funded internship, students can potentially receive a stipend for the first and second internships and CPE ($15,000 total) when these credits are used as electives necessary for the MAR or MDiv degree. If a student receives payment from their site (other than travel compensation), that amount is subtracted from the YDS stipend.
Commuting expenses to your internship site are not covered by YDS. Some sites might be willing/able to help with these. Likewise, some sites might be willing to help with housing costs for summer interns. These arrangements are made independently of YDS.

Students wishing to complete summer internships (not CPE), should note that they will need to pay tuition for the internship since it counts as a summer course. The rates are typically around $3600 for a summer 3-credit class, and YDS offers 6 credits for the 3-credit price. Students who receive a merit or need-based YDS scholarship aid during the academic year can receive a summer tuition scholarship that covers 100% of the YDS tuition charge, as long as the course credits count toward the student’s degree requirements. 

Advanced Internships, or second internships, are also funded a stipend of $5000, and are arranged individually by Alison Cunningham (for non-profit sites) or Jenny Davis (for ministry sites). Students must complete a first internship before being able to take a second, advanced, one. Credits for this internship are capped at 3, 1.5 per semester.

Internship Site Requirements

  • Provide opportunities to work with people on meaningful issues
  • Provide significant tasks that an intern can accomplish and learn from on a part-time (during the academic year) and short-term (less than one year) basis
  • Provide a stable, welcoming environment with consistent direction and oversight
  • Enable an intern to function in roles appropriate to their status as students in formation
  • Provide opportunities for the intern to gain new knowledge and experience rather than simply practice what they already know;
  • Facilitate learning through ongoing conversation and reflection.
Certain conditions will be discouraged or denied: 
  • previous relationship with site or supervisor; 
  • more than one intern at a site; 
  • work similar to previous experience; 
  • work similar to coursework; supervisor with lack of qualifications; 
  • on-site presence less than twice each week; 
  • work starting before fall or ending after spring semesters; 
  • one-semester internships.
Supervisor Requirements:
  • At least three years’ experience in this or a related profession, 
  • at least one year in current position, 
  • experience teaching, supervising, or working with graduate-level students, 
  • no history of professional misconduct.

Information for Potential Sites & Supervisors

Are you interested in partnering with Yale Divinity School in the education and formation of students by becoming an internship supervisor?  Our sites represent churches, non-profits, parochial schools and universities with supervisors that represent an array of personal, religious and professional backgrounds.  We welcome new sites to become a part of our diverse database of available internship sites. Contact Alison Cunningham, Director of Professional formation or Jenny Davis, Director of Supervised Ministries, for more information.
For more information, contact:
Non-Profit, Justice Internships: Alison Cunningham, Director of Professional Formation
Ministerial Internships: Jenny Davis, Director of Supervised Ministries