The M.Div. program requires six credits of internship fulfilled part time over the academic year, or full time over a summer. Individual denominational requirements vary. Internships are open to students in the M.A.R. program. 

  • Internships are academic courses that receive 6 semester credits - 3 per semester during the academic year, or 6 during the summer.
  • Internships can take place during the 2nd and/or 3rd year and/or summers. 
  • Credit for one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) can transfer as 6 elective credit hours and will fulfill the MDiv degree internship requirement. 
  • Internship credits are electives and do not fulfill any area requirements. A maximum of 15 credits in internships can be applied as electives towards a degree.
  • YDS provides a $5000 stipend to students engaged in an internship. $5000 is provided for CPE students via work study funds. Students are eligible for funding for two internships AND one unit of CPE. Funds are generally distributed during the internship on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Negotiating Boundaries REL 3990, is required prior to any internship except CPE. It is offered in August and during Spring semester.

There are three essential components to internships at Yale Divinity School:

  • 400 hours of site associated practice, including 30 hours of practicum
  • Practicum is taken alongside internships and constitutes a peer reflection group taught by a practitioner (see course list below)
  • A supervisor qualified to oversee and mentor the site practice

For a side by side comparison of the different internship options, please see below.

Course list:
  • REL3986/7 Academic year internship with practicum
  • REL3988 Summer internship with practicum
  • REL3996/7 Advanced academic internship with practicum 
  • REL3998 Advanced summer internship with practicum
For more information, contact:
Non-Profit, Justice Internships: Alison Cunningham, Director of Professional Formation
Ministerial Internships: Jenny Davis, Director of Supervised Ministries