Change of Adviser Form (pdf)

To change your adviser assignment, download the”Change of Adviser Form”, have your new adviser sign it, and return it to the Registrar’s office.

Change in Course (drop/add)

Please use the “Change in Course” form if you need to add or to drop one or more courses after your original schedule worksheet in OCS has been finalized (approved by the Registrar).  This form requires adviser approval and must be submitted before the published deadlines for schedule changes.

Grade Mode Change Request

Students taking a course graded on the regular grading system (H,H-,HP+,HP,HP-,LP,F) may request the professor’s approval to be graded Credit/No Credit (CR/NC). Students taking a course graded on the credit/no credit system (CR/NC) may request the professor’s approval to be graded on the regular grading system (H,H-,HP+,HP,HP-,LP,F). The “Grade Mode Change Request form must be completed and submitted by the deadlines for requesting such a change as stated in the YDS Academic Calendar each year (note that the deadline for electing the regular/letter grade system is earlier than the deadline for electing CR/NC grading).

Downtown Permission Form - Graduate or Professional School course or Undergraduate course 

Divinity students taking courses in other parts of the University are required to obtain the Instructor’s permission to enroll in the class. In order for a course outside of YDS to be approved for your YDS degree, this form must be submitted by the deadline published in the YDS academic calendar.  Generally, courses with numbers under 500 are undergraduate courses and with numbers 500 or above, graduate level courses. Credit toward your YDS degree from undergraduate courses generally requires additional work in order to bring the course to graduate level.  This work should be described by the course instructor in the appropriate place on this form. The requirement for additional work does not apply to language or skills-based courses.

Permission to enroll in SOM courses (online application)

Reading Course Request (pdf)

Students desiring to take a Reading Course with a full-time Yale faculty member must complete and submit the “Reading Course Request,” signed by the faculty member, to the Academic Dean’s office for approval.

Recommendation Authorization form (pdf)

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires that students provide a written authorization before a faculty member may include in a recommendation certain types of academic information (for example, courses taken and grades received).

Request to Change Degree Program

READ THESE PROCEDURES CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM:  Instructions for requesting a transfer to another degree program here (pdf). Once you have met with the required faculty and staff members as described, use this form to submit your request to the Academic Dean. Requests to transfer into a concentrated degree are due no later than February 6th of each academic year.

Request for a Dean’s Extension (pdf)

To petition the Professional Studies Committee for an extension beyond the deadline allowed for faculty to grant an extension, please download the “Request for a Dean’s Extension” form, fill out the information requested and have the instructor of the course sign off on the form before returning it to the Registrar’s Office.

Request to Return from Leave of Absence

Use this form to request to return from an approved Leave of Absence. Please consult your original Leave approval letter prior to completing the form.  Students requesting return from Medical leave must also secure written permission to return from a Yale Health physician.

Request to take a Yale Law School course

All YDS students interested in taking a course at the Yale Law School must complete and submit this form. The form will be routed to the instructor of the course and the YDS  registrar before being returned to the YLS Registrar’s Office for approval. Once approved, the Law School Registrar’s office will send the form back to the YDS Registrar’s office. YDS students must also complete and submit the Change in Course form before they can be registered for the course.

Request to Withhold Directory Information

A federal law, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), allows Yale to disclose certain basic information about you, known as “Directory Information,” without obtaining your permission.    Directory Information includes the following:  name; dates of attendance; school or residential college affiliation; local and other addresses; local land line telephone number; e-mail address; date and place of birth; major field of study; enrollment status; participation in University-sponsored extracurricular activities and sports; height and weight (athletes only); degrees, honors, and awards; previous educational institution(s); name and address of parents or guardian; pictures or video of you; and University Person Identifier (UPI). 

READ THIS FORM CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING IT.  For more information on Yale Directory Information policy, read the statement on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (pdf).

MAR/MDiv Thesis Proposal (pdf)

STM Thesis/Project Proposal (pdf)


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