Enrollment Verification

Due to an effort to slow the transmission of COVID-19, most Yale staff have been asked to work away from campus indefinitely. The YDS Registrar’s office is open, but we are working remotely and are most effectively reached via email. We regret that we are unable to perform any in-person services at this time.

For transcript questions, enrollment and degree verifications, and summer language and internship registrations, please contact roslyn.evans@yale.edu.

For all other concerns and questions please contact lisabeth.huck@yale.edu.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

The Registrar’s Office can provide verification of your enrollment, degree program, graduation date, academic standing, and tuition/fees paid.  The typical verification consists of a letter with signature and seal indicating your degree program, enrollment status (e.g. full-time, part-time), and anticipated date of graduation. Sometimes, however, the party requesting the verification requires more or different information or completion of a form or series of forms.  Before making your request for enrollment verification, please determine what information is needed and in what format.  If the third party needs a particular form to be completed and returned, you will need to submit a copy of that form with your request.

Email requests are acceptable for most forms of verification. However, for your privacy protection, verification requests including confidential academic information (e.g. “in good standing”) must include your signature. If you choose to scan and attach your signature to an email, the email must be sent from your yale.edu account.  Please note that we cannot verify your enrollment status for a given semester until the registration period for that semester has ended.

You may fax your request to (203) 432-7475 or email the registrar at lisabeth.huck@yale.edu. Please allow 3 days for your request to be processed. Please note that during very busy times of the year (especially at the beginning of the academic term) your request may take longer to process.

Lisabeth Huck

Lisabeth Huck

Director of Academic Services and Registrar
(203) 432-5312

Roslyn Evans

Senior Administrative Assistant, Registrar
(203) 432-5311


Registrar's Office

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