May 6, 2013
“The signs of the Christian church have always been the lion, the lamb, the dove, and the fish, but never the chameleon.” “There are acts of great faith and acts of great...
May 5, 2013
Feminist theology, queer theology, the “dead white Germans” of European classic theology—Linn Tonstad lectures on them all. And they all contribute to her vital personal...
May 4, 2013
“How do you write a book?” an undergraduate student once asked Margaret Olin, a senior research fellow at the University. Olin responded: “Well. It’s always written.” On...
April 30, 2013
“Sabbath is really about pausing in your daily life and returning your gaze back to the divine,” said Scott Claassen ’11 M.Div. in a recent interview about his year long bike...
April 2, 2013
It is not every day—or decade or century—that a theologian teaching at Yale is cited as a source during debates in the English House of Commons. Alas, Maggi Dawn, Dean of...



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