Art at YDS

Yale Divinity School and our partners on Sterling Divinity Quadrangle place high value on art and feature it throughout the year. Our art includes site-specific installations by guest artists, student-curated shows, and portraits of notable professors and deans on permanent display.

Exhibits and installations

Artwork Title Artist Location
Portrait of Rena Karefa-Smart ‘45 B.D. for YDS Common Room Louise Mandumbwa ‘24 M.F.A. Common Room
Margaret Shepherd calligraphy “Song of Songs” Calligraphy Exhibit Margaret Shepherd Sarah Smith Gallery (Spring 2023)
“Jazz Cubano: Color Improvisations” Ellen Priest ‘77 M.Div. Sarah Smith Gallery (Fall 2022)
“Allegories, Renditions, and a Small Nation of Women” Khaleelah Harris ‘21 M.A.R. Sarah Smith Gallery (Fall Semester 2021)
Seminary” Gabrielle Muller ’20 M.A.R. Sarah Smith Gallery (Spring Semester 2021)
“I’m Buildin’ Me a Home” Jathan Martin ‘21 M.Div. Sarah Smith Gallery (Fall Semester 2020)
Portrait of Rena Karefa-Smart ‘45 B.D. Calvin Coleman Admissions Office
Portrait of James W.C. Pennington Jas Knight Common Room
Eve Alone and Portalscreen Julia Rooney Old Common Room
Put Together Mary Lee Bendolph Old Common Room


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