Bangor Theological Seminary Transcripts

Effective February 1, 2023 all transcript orders for alumni/ae of Bangor Theological Seminary are handled through the secure Parchment Ordering Service.

Graduates and former students of Bangor Seminary should order a transcript of study through the Parchment website. More detailed instructions and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the support link on the Parchment site.

Payment: At this time there is no charge for transcripts unless you are requesting expedited shipping.  All payment is made by credit card through the Parchment site.

Processing time: All Bangor Seminary transcripts are considered “legacy” transcripts which require manual intervention on our end.  This means you will receive a “records research” status when you first place your order.  Errors in the personal information that you provide (incorrect DOB, degree, or grad year, for instance) will delay the fulfillment of your order.

Method of Delivery: Parchment allows you to select electronic or mail options.  You may have your transcript sent by mail to yourself or another individual or organization, or electronically to any email address (including your own), or you may select one of the educational institutions designated in Parchment.

Attachments: During the transcript ordering process, you will be given the opportunity to upload documents in PDF, JPG, or JPEG formats to be included with the transcript mailing. These typically include LSAC and AMCAS forms or scholarship/fellowship applications.

Transcript Type

Unofficial transcripts cannot be ordered through Parchment. E-transcripts generated through Parchment are considered Official.  However, be aware that forwarding to a third party an e-transcript which has been sent to you nullifies its official status. If a third party requests an official transcript you should enter that person’s email address in your Parchment order.

If you have additional questions, please contact Roslyn Evans in the Registrar’s Office at (203) 432-5311, or via e-mail at