Student FAQ - Enrollment, FinAid, Extended or Changing Degree Programs

I would like to stay at YDS longer than two years (MAR) or three years (MDiv).  Can I remain enrolled and continue to receive financial aid?

Once you have completed the requirements for your degree program, you are not eligible for further financial aid.  If you would like to attend part-time, and extend your enrollment in this way, your tuition scholarship can be extended over a longer period of time. However, students enrolled part-time (in fewer than 9 credits) in any semester are ineligible for the additional annual scholarship for educational and living expenses. Please see the Affording YDS webpage for more information. 

Please keep in mind that each degree has a time limit.  As the Bulletin states, “the total program of study for the MDiv shall not be expanded beyond six years”, for the MAR, four years, and for the STM, four years. International students must complete the STM in 3 terms (Bulletin, Programs of Study).

Can I remain in Graduate Housing if I attend YDS part-time?

Residence in Graduate Housing requires full-time enrollment (9 credits or greater).

Can I retain coverage through Yale Health if I attend YDS part-time?

Eligibility for Yale Health benefits requires enrollment at half-time (6 credits) or greater.

How is financial aid affected by part-time enrollment?

Eligibility for federal loans requires half-time enrollment (6 credits or greater).  In addition, most loan deferments require enrollment at half-time (6 credits) or greater.

Can I complete my degree in a shorter period of time than designated for my degree program by enrolling in excess credits? 

It is expected that students in the M.Div. program will pay tuition for twenty-four courses in order to receive their degree; students in the M.A.R. program will pay tuition for sixteen courses to receive their degree; students in the S.T.M. program will pay tuition for eight courses to receive their degree. Except in cases of students who are in a joint-degree program, or whose credits have been accepted for transfer, each student must pay at least the full tuition for a degree regardless of the number of terms in which the student is enrolled.” (Bulletin, Tuition and Fees chapter)

I am an international students sponsored by Yale on an F-1 or J-1 visa.  May I attend YDS part-time?

Students on F-1 or J-1 visas must be full-time enrolled every semester in order to maintain their immigration status.  Students with further questions can contact OISS.” 

I understand that there is an extended-year MAR program, which allows students to remain for an additional year.  Is financial aid available for that program?

Beginning in 2022-2023, students accepted into the extended-year MAR program will be eligible for the same level of aid in their third year as they are in their first two years.

Can I plan now to take advantage of the extended-year MAR program?

Admission into the extended-year MAR is competitive, so it is never something that a student can take for granted.  It is designed for students who are very strong candidates for admission into top doctoral programs, but for whom an additional year of study will be critical for their success.

I am currently an MAR student—can I transfer into the MDiv degree program?

Students may apply to transfer into another degree program:… However, it only makes sense to transfer into the MDiv degree program if this fits your vocational objectives, not in order to extend your time at YDS.  The MDiv degree is a highly structured degree program, with many requirements suited to preparation for pastoral and other forms of ministry.