If you are planning to change your enrollment status (full-time to part-time; part-time to full-time) please be sure to contact the registrar and the Office of Financial Aid so that your tuition and enrollment records can be adjusted appropriately.

When considering a change to your enrollment status, you should be aware of the following:

    • The schedule of study at YDS normally consists of twelve credit hours each term.  "Full-time study" is designated at nine credits or more.
    • enrolled students attending Yale at least halftime and working towards a Yale degree are automatically enrolled as Yale Health student members, entitled to receive Yale Health Basic coverage at no charge.
    • International students must maintain full-time enrollment (nine credits or more) in order to maintain legal status.
    • Students may defer their educational loans, provided they are registered at least half-time (six credit hours) per semester.

Each year, students will be asked to record their intention to reenroll at YDS in the following year.  The "returning student form" must be returned to the Registrar's office by April 1.




Registrar's Office

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Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00

Office of Financial Aid

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