Satisfactory Academic Progress

All YDS students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress.  At the end of each semester, the Registrar reviews the grades of all students and refers to the Professional Studies committee those students whose academic performance has fallen below acceptable levels.

The Professional Studies Committee will place on probation students whose academic work is unsatisfactory. In every case the committee will take into account the personal situation of the student; but the following record, accumulated during the course of any one term, will normally result in probation:

  • 1. two courses graded Pass, or
  • 2. two Incompletes, or
  • 3. two Fs, or
  • 4. any combination of inadequate or incomplete work in two or more courses.

Students are responsible for knowing at the end of a term whether or not they have completed each course satisfactorily. As information becomes available to the Professional Studies Committee, written notice of probation will be given both to the student and to the faculty adviser, and the notation will be placed on the transcript. The student must meet with the academic dean to develop a plan for a return to good academic standing. Failure to successfully complete this academic plan can result in the loss of institutional and federal financial aid eligibility.

Students who fall below minimum standards may appeal the loss of financial aid.  The Office of Financial Aid will send a letter to any student who fails to meet the minimum academic progress standards which will outline the process for regaining eligibility for financial aid. All appeals must be filed in writing and explain the circumstances that caused the loss of aid eligibility as well as a plan to rectify the deficiencies.

Students on academic probation must observe the following conditions when they register for courses:

  • 1. during the term in which students are on academic probation they may not take more than twelve hours of course work, and
  • 2. they may not take any reading courses.

Students will be removed from probation when they have completed four courses under the following conditions:

  • 1. all work for each course must be completed by the end of its term, without extensions;
  • 2. all incomplete work from previous terms must be completed;
  • 3. the grade received in each course must be HP or better.

Any student who remains on academic probation for two consecutive terms may be recommended to the faculty for dismissal from YDS.


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