Active Emeriti Faculty
Harry Baker Adams
Horace Bushnell Professor Emeritus of Christian Nurture
Adela Yarbro Collins
Buckingham Professor Emerita of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation
John Wesley Cook
Professor Emeritus of Religion and the Arts
Margaret A. Farley
Gilbert L. Stark Professor Emerita of Christian Ethics
Margot E. Fassler
Robert Tangeman Professor Emerita of Music History
Dwayne E. Huebner
Horace Bushnell Professor Emeritus of Christian Nurture
Leander Earl Keck
Winkley Professor Emeritus of Biblical Theology
David H. Kelsey
Luther A. Weigle Professor Emeritus of Theology
George Arthur Lindbeck
Pitkin Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology
Thomas W. Ogletree
Frederick Marquand Professor Emeritus of Theological Ethics
Gene Outka
Dwight Professor Emeritus of Philosophy & Christian Ethics
Thomas H. Troeger
J. Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication
Denys Turner
Horace Tracy Pitkin Professor of Historical Theology
Nicholas P. Wolterstorff
Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology
Current Full-Time Faculty
Harold W. Attridge
Sterling Professor of Divinity
Joel S. Baden
Professor of Hebrew Bible
Christopher A. Beeley
Walter H. Gray Associate Professor of Anglican Studies and Patristics
Teresa Berger
Professor of Liturgical Studies and Thomas E. Golden Jr. Professor of Catholic Theology
John J. Collins
Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation
Michal Beth Dinkler
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Adam Eitel
Assistant Professor of Ethics
Bruce Gordon
Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History
Clifton Granby
Clarence E. Hardy III
Associate Professor of the History of American Christianity
John E. Hare
Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology
Peter S. Hawkins
Professor of Religion and Literature
Erika Helgen
Assistant professor of Latino/a Christianity
Jennifer A. Herdt
Gilbert L. Stark Professor of Christian Ethics, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Martin Jean
Director of the Institute of Sacred Music, Professor in the Practice of Sacred Music, and Professor of Organ
Willie Jennings
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Africana Studies
Yii-Jan Lin
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Vasileios Marinis
Associate Professor of Christian Art and Architecture
Eboni Marshall-Turman
Assistant Professor of Theology and African American Religion
Donyelle McCray
Assistant Professor of Homiletics
Phone: (203) 436-9957
Andrew McGowan
Dean and President of Berkeley Divinity School and McFaddin Professor of Anglican Studies and Pastoral Theology
Joyce Mercer
Professor of Pastoral Care and Practical Theology
Mary Clark Moschella
Roger J. Squire Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
John Pittard
Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion
Sally M. Promey
Professor of Religion and Visual Culture; Coordinator of the Program in Religion and the Arts; Professor of American Studies and Religious Studies; and Director, Center for the Study of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion
Eric D. Reymond
Senior Lector in Biblical Hebrew
Melanie Ross
Assistant Professor of Liturgical Studies
Janet K. Ruffing RSM
Professor in the Practice of Spirituality and Ministerial Leadership
Lamin Sanneh
D. Willis James Professor of Missions & World Christianity, Professor of History, Professor of International and Area Studies
Carolyn J. Sharp
Professor of Homiletics
Phone: (203) 432-2011
Bryan D. Spinks
Bishop F. Percy Goddard Professor of Liturgical Studies and Pastoral Theology
Chloë Starr
Associate Professor of Asian Christianity and Theology
Gregory E. Sterling
Dean of Yale Divinity School; The Reverend Henry L. Slack Dean and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament
Harry S. Stout
Jonathan Edwards Professor of American Christianity, and General Editor, Works of Jonathan Edwards
Kathryn Tanner
Frederick Marquand Professor of Systematic Theology
Leonora Tubbs Tisdale
Clement-Muehl Professor of Homiletics
Linn Tonstad
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Benjamin Valentin
Associate Professor of Latinx Christianity
Miroslav Volf
Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology, and Founding Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture
Tisa Wenger
Associate Professor of American Religious History
Robert R. Wilson
Hoober Professor of Religious Studies and Professor of Old Testament
Christian Wiman
Professor of the Practice of Religion and Literature
Almeda M. Wright
Assistant Professor of Religious Education
Regular Part-Time Faculty
Michal Bar-Asher Siegal
Visiting Assistant Professor
Herbert Brockman
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Kathleen Byrnes
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Anthony Campbell
Lecturer in Religion and Society
Joseph F. Cistone
Lecturer in Social Ethics
Cara Cunningham
Lecturer in Divinity
Phone: (203) 432-6340
Maggi Dawn
Associate Dean for Marquand Chapel and Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Theology and Literature
George Engelhardt
Lecturer in the History and Polity of the United Methodist Church
Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt
Lecturer in the History and Polity of the United Methodist Church
Suzanne Estelle-Holmer
Lecturer in Bibliographic Instruction
Bonita Grubbs
Lecturer in Homiletics
Judith Gundry
Research Scholar and Associate Professor (Adjunct) of New Testament
Felicity Harley-McGowan
Thomas Hastings
Martha C. Highsmith
Lecturer in Church Administration
Sally Naylor Johnston
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Julie Kelsey
Assistant Dean of Students for Pastoral Initiatives and Lecturer in Homiletics
Paul R. Kolbet
Lecturer in Early Christianity
Sharon Kugler
Lecturer in Inter-religious Engagement and Chaplaincy
Maria LaSala
Director of Congregational Ministry; Lecturer in the History & Polity of the Presbyterian Church
James Mark Lazenby
Associate Professor of Religion and Health
Phone: (203) 737-2365
David Mahan
Lecturer in Religion and Literature (appointed with ISM)
William Mathis
Lecturer in Divinity
Willis J. McCaw
Lecturer in Pastoral Care
Adrienne Milics
Lecturer - Homiletics and Speech
Ian Buckner Oliver
Lecturer in Homiletics
Kate Ott
Lecturer in Practical Theology
Shepard Parsons
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Kyle W. Pedersen
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Brenda Pelc-Faszcza
Lecturer in Pastoral Care
Vernice Randall
Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Lecturer in Homiletics
William G. Rusch
Professor (Adjunct) of Lutheran Studies
Tracy Johnson Russell
Lecturer in Supervised Ministries
Glen J. Segger
Lecturer in Pastoral Theology and Worship
Kurt Shaffert
Lecturer in Pastoral Care
James Sherblom
Rochelle A. Stackhouse
Frederick J. Streets
Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Pastoral Theology
Julie Vance
Instructor in English as a Second Language
Audrey West
Visiting Professor of Lutheran Studies
Full Time Research Faculty
Matthew Croasmun
Associate Research Scholar
Phone: (203) 432-3201
Sarah Farmer
Associate Research Scholar
Angela Gorrell
Associate Research Scholar
Jan L. Hagens
Assistant to the Dean for Continuing Education; Research Scholar, Center for Faith and Culture; Lecturer, Arts and Sciences
Ryan McAnnally-Linz
Associate Research Scholar
Kenneth P. Minkema
Executive Editor, Jonathan Edwards Center
Margaret Olin
Senior Research Scholar
Visiting Andover Newton Faculty
Sarah Drummond
Visiting Professor of Ministerial Leadership and Assistant Dean
Phone: (203) 436-9954
Stephen Mark Heim
Visiting Professor
Gregory Mobley
Visiting Professor
Other Yale Faculty
John Grim
Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar in Religion and Ecology
Markus Rathey
Professor in the Practice of Music History
Matthew Riley
Lecturer, School Of Forestry And Environmental Studies
Phone: (203) 436-5825
Mary Evelyn Tucker
Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar in Religion and Ecology